Splenda Side Effects and C Diff (what not to eat)

I never would have predicted it, but it looks like Splenda/sucralose could be a big no no for anyone worried about C Diff. According to Neo-Paleolithic-Diet.com [1], “How would you like to reduce your normal flora by 50%?” The study sited there suggests that Splenda reduces the amount of “good bacteria” in your gut. The whole problem with C Diff is the overgrowth of bad bacteria killing the good bacteria. So, for me, if there is any chance that Splenda kills my good bacteria, I think I’ll avoid it.

[1] Neo-Paleolithic-Diet.com

6 thoughts on “Splenda Side Effects and C Diff (what not to eat)

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  2. I am writing in response to Splenda as I use is a ton. I and our kids have had C-Diff for over a year and my kids have a bone marrow disease with low immune system. They do not have neutrophils to fight off bacteria and yet, the GI seems to test for everything but C-Diff. We are now aware of the best doctors for treatment. We will try one more time but I know each time, they give just one of us Vano, we build up a reisidence and its worse. No more Splenda, thats for that update.

  3. My name is Nickie and I may have written before but if so, I have forgotten as I am so streesed out. I have a son who is very ill and so sick, we do not know if he will make it. He and my other two all have a bone marrow disease and immune disease. Their neutropenic and they do not work either, Chemotaxis. They also have an Immune disease and my daughter, one kidney which has gotten so big it attached to her uterus and intestines. If she gets this, she will be in even more trouble. She has her own bathroom. I clean the other one everyday with Hospital Clorox and then we use wipes before and after every use and on the door handles. We use clothes to prepare food and I have an ultraviolet light to kill germs on everything light couches and spray lysol. We are clean anyway. They home school and my son is the worst and then my youngest and myself. Her is what they are doing now, he is on 250 mg of Vanco 4 times a day and for 21 days and then they will taper, I am not sure how. I bought Culturelle and Florastor and he is 17, lost down to 92 pounds and keep loosing. He is so skinny and weak, he is in a fight for his life and everyone knows it but no one seems to care which is always the issue. He does have a great Bone Marrow Doctor and he cares. We do our stools Monday as he had a scope done just as did a year ago and his stool just as mine was fine but scopes pick it up. We will be seeking top doctors in the field if this isn’t over with. He had done 15 days but never got better and even though we left messages and emails, it took three weeks for him to get 21 day Vanco and then weaning him. We are getting tested Monday and then put on 21 days as well and a step down. My question is, how to we take then Culturelle and Florastor along side as our doctor doesn’t know. I read on here it helped and I also researched some articles and found it helps. We also are trying to eat foods that help the gut flora, pickels was one and I am working on learning as much as I can to help in the diet area and just as our kids have been misdiagnosed by Mayo when my daughter was young and no one paid any attention to our son who wasn’t gaining weight, we know the fight ahead, it is our life. We fight health insurance, we fight to find help from doctors to get a diagnosis and we find more and more that the top doctors absoutly just do not know. It is scarey and sad and our future looks bleak but that of our children’s looks even worse. This infection has hurt their marrows and he could develop leukemia as well. He could die from this and everyday we work to learn more, we are also learning about issues with our daughter that may mean the diagnosis from the one of the finest doctors maybe different. Either way, he has treated both. We are blessed to have many wonderful people who help us with all the costs. We are praying that this Superbug gets more attention and hope that some of the studies done in Britian who have developed a drug to kill resistant MERSA and C-Diff. I pray for each of you who are dealing with this and know how hard it is to hold down jobs in which we do not have choices to not continue. Any help on how to take these probiotics with Vanco asap, will be helpful. I assume I just look back on this page. Thanks, Nickie

  4. I just had my first c diff experience. I have refused the antibiotics which upset my doctor. He had told me to take the probiotics 2 hours after the antibiotics. Now working with a naturopath about using just probiotics.

  5. I am a two-time survior of the devasting bacterial infection known as C-Diff. Since I am an otherwise completely healthy female (was 35 and 44 when I contracted), it was unexpected that the disease would nearly kill me – twice. I have taken liquid vancomycin for nearly nine months now, but it has not cured me. I had the good fortune of learning from my infectious disease doctor and obtaining an opinion from an expert at Johns Hopkins Hospital about my case, and both concurred that I should consider opting for a fecal transplant as vancomycin hasn’t cured me. Although the procedure is usually done at the hospital and is 90-95% effective (so I am told), my husband and I are doing the home-style version. A fecal transplant is done by taking the stole of a healthy, close family member, mixing it with saline solution in a blender, putting it through a seive, and “inplanting” the donor’s good bacteria via an enema bottle into your intestines via your rectum. Although it was quite disgusting the first day, it gets easier. I noticed a dramatic improvement within 12 hours. Anyone having gone through a severe case of C-Diff knows that the fecal transplant procedure is not nearly as tramatic and painful as living with this infection. Quite frankly, the fecal transplant may save my life.

  6. The new drug, Dificid, is the answer to C-Diff. Though expensive, it really does work when vancomycin does not. There are no side effects unlike the other antibiotics prescribed for the disease.

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