Paul Graham, Required Reading

As an almost-startup founder, wouldn’t be nice to meet a hero who over the last 8 years:

  1. Helped individually 1,500 startup founders over the last 7 years in Silicon Valley.
  2. Incubated startups like AirBnB, Heroku, Reddit, Wufoo, and Dropbox!
  3. Invested a shared $8 million in these startups, overall.
  4. Has a portfolio worth almost $10 Billion of these startups, now.
  5. And is still going strong looking for more founders.

Further, what if he wrote letters to you offering advice and what he would look for in startups?  Oh, and it’s free!

Of course, Paul Graham, co-founder of Y-Combinator, is who we’re talking about.  For some reason, he writes “essays” to the public with his ideas and requests regarding startups.

In some essays he requests certain types of startup founders to contact them.  He has many articles regarding “How to Get Startup Ideas,” (my favorite).

So, the point is, here is this dude with practically infinite access to successful startups…giving out free advice on startups…so if you are into startups, this list of essays is required reading.

PS: If you are looking for a good list of companies they’ve worked with check this out:


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