Why Startups?

When I go to a startup conference, I see doers.

I’m an Atlas Shrugged fan solely because I’m huge fan of personal responsibility. I believe there is a time and place for handouts, for giving, for helping those in need, but we are handing out too often compared to a century ago. Parents, governments, corporations….all of em.

I love to see the sparkle in smiles of people excited about building something new that might change the world. I live to see people pouring their hearts into finding new ways of serving people.

Around the time of the American Revolution, most people were farmers, many who had risked it all to come to America to start their own thing, to be doers. There was no government, there was no safety net. And yet, they came on their own and started doing on there own, started providing for others with whatever skills and energy they could provide.

Along the way, over the next few hundred years, as most societies do, we got lazy. We had kids who weren’t self selecting to work hard and take risks. We had a mix of workers, lazy and ambitious. In time, though, the number of play-it-safers outnumbered the risk-doers. And over more time, the percentage of lazies got higher.

Ambition that makes world-wide improvement possible, appears to be crumbling and it scares me. It’s time to continue the Revolution, continue starting a new country (or world), continue taking risks and working hard to make the world a better place.

When I go to a startup conference, I see doers. And it excites me.